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From Kolorfusion to Powdercoating and everything in between, Apex Manufacturing can bring your products to life!


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Bringing your products to life, with premium decorating and manufacturing services!

    Services & Capabilities

    Apex Manufacturing specializes in decorating and light assembly services. We take standard powdercoating from being a normal protective coating to a true decorating process, focusing on the final look and feel of the product, as well as it’s durability. Once decorated we can then perform final assembly and manufacturing processes to deliver a completed part, reducing your final costs and getting your product into your customer’s hands faster.


    As a licensed Kolorfusion decorator, we can provide the proprietary dye sublimation services on powdercoated parts with a level of detail and crispness of the image that is unlike any other decorating process in the industry. This decorating process precisely transfers images onto parts with minimal stretching or distortion of the original image. This process does not add any layers onto the part, allowing for standard powdercoating tolerances to be used, and the image is sublimated directly into the powdercoating becoming as durable and wear resistant as the powdercoat itself.

    Powder Coating

    With years of experience in powdercoating services, Apex takes the standard protective powdercoating process to the next level with an eye towards a decorative process. We specialize in making sure your parts look as good as your customers expect. Our skilled employees understand the techniques and methods needed to ensure the quality and consistency that your products require. Apex Manufacturing can help you select the right powder color and formulation for your product and work with you through sampling and refinement of techniques to ensure that you’re satisfied before production runs. We differentiate ourselves in truly understanding your product and its needs and custom tune our application processes to meet your needs.


    Once decorating is complete, we can take it to the next level and complete the final assembly of your parts, package and ship. This saves you time and money by providing a completed product that you can immediately send to your customers. We have a variety of skilled manufacturing talent and can perform virtually any type of assembly work. We can work with you to ensure that the final product meets your stringent quality standards and help reduce your inventory and delivery timeframes. Let us complete your product and reduce the amount of labor and inventory to maximize your profit.


    About Apex Manufacturing

    Specializing in custom finishing and assembly services, to bring your product to market!

    Apex Manufacturing was founded on the need to provide a true decorating service, not just industrial finishing. We have developed the skills and resources through years of experience to be able to offer these kind of services to our customers. Through those services, we further offered additional value-add assembly and manufacturing services to take products to the last step at the request of our customers, reducing their final labor costs and reducing overall inventory by being able to accurately control exactly what goes out the door. Apex Manufacturing primarily caters to the outdoor space, providing decorating and assembly services to markets such as archery, kayaking, accessories, etc. Contact us and let us help you to bring your product to look the way you envision it!

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